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Why is Aarhus testing reusable takeaway packaging?

Aarhus Municipality recognizes its role in curbing litter and preserving a clean cityscape. Addressing the rising demand for a unified reusable packaging system among businesses and residents, the municipality has launched an experiment. This initiative aims to simplify eco-conscious choices for companies and Aarhusianers.

Why is this system the first of its kind in the world?

The Rotake Reuseable system stands out as the world’s pioneering open urban space solution for reusable takeaway packaging. This innovative system transcends boundaries, offering compatibility across diverse establishments such as restaurants, cafés, and all food takeaway services, catering to both Aarhus citizens and visitors alike.

What impact does the system have on cafes, restaurants, or food takeaway service shops?

Partners in Aarhus joining this initiative to transition from single-use to reusable cups can easily participate. They simply acquire Rotake Reuseable cups from the Rotake webshop and offer them to consumers. When customers order a takeaway drink in a Rotake Reuseable cup, the partnering café applies an additional 5 DKK as a deposit charge.

How much does it cost for a café to be part of the Rotake Reuseable system?

The system’s partners can simply buy the Reuseable cups from the Rotake webshop, covering the cup’s cost along with an additional deposit of 5 DKK incl. VAT.

What is the validity period of the deposit on a Rotake Reuseable cup?

The 5 DKK deposit becomes active in all cups purchased by system partners upon delivery. This deposit remains valid for a period of one year from the time of cup delivery, after which it expires.

How soon can consumers expect the deposit to be refunded?

Typically, it takes up to 2 business days for the deposit value to be available in the bank account, though in some cases, the refund may process even quicker.

What material are the cups made of?

The cups are made from PP, known as polypropylene. This durable plastic is designed for prolonged use and can withstand repeated washing. Once the cups reach the end of their usable life or cannot be reused for other reasons, the polypropylene material is recycled.

How many times can a cup be reused?

With proper care, a plastic cup can be reused hundreds of times, making it a sustainable and long-lasting option.

How do you make sure the cups are completely clean?

The Rotake Reuseable system includes a professional hygienization service that rigorously sanitizes the packaging, meeting the stringent standards set by relevant food and safety authorities.

Can I, as a system partner, accept used cups?

Unfortunately, consumers cannot return their used Rotake Reuseable cups to the system partners due to several reasons:

· The cups must undergo proper sanitation as per the strict standards mandated by food and safety authorities. The Rotake Reuseable system provides a professional hygienization service in Aarhus for this purpose.

· Some cafés prefer not to handle or receive dirty packaging across the counter or manage the washing of used cups.

· Allowing the return of cups directly to cafés increases the risk of theft or fraudulent attempts involving the 5 DKK deposit, posing challenges in managing deposit payments at the café level.

Where can I order Rotake Reuseable cups?

Looking to offer your guests a sustainable alternative to disposable packaging? You can conveniently order Rotake Reuseable cups suitable for both hot and cold drinks here.

What are the payment terms and methods available for purchasing the cups?

The Terms & Conditions for cup purchases can be found on the Rotake webshop. Payment options include credit/debit card or invoice.

What is the typical delivery time?

1-4 Business days.

It’s over the delivery deadline, and I haven’t received my cups, what can I do?

Please contact reuse.rotake@tomra.com with your purchase number.

What should I do if I receive defective or damaged cups in my order?

If you receive any defective or damaged cups in your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us at reuse.rotake@tomra.com immediately. We will replace the affected products with new ones.

Are there any minimum order quantities for the Rotake Reuseable cups?

The minimum order quantity for all product types is 200 units. Please note that lids can only be ordered in combination with the cups.

Can the cups be customized for branding purposes?

Currently, customization options are unavailable. However, this may change in the future.

What support and training do you provide for integrating the Rotake Reuseable system into my business?

As a partner in the Rotake Reuseable system, you’ll have access to a range of merchandising materials developed by Aarhus Municipality. These include A-signs, cup displays with system information, posters, Social Media material and door stickers, all aimed at providing comprehensive details about the system’s operational process. Additionally, we also provide a short guide to explain the system to your staff.

Are you considering adding different sizes and models to your offering?

We continuously assess new sizes and models for potential inclusion. Stay updated by visiting the Rotake webshop to discover the latest product additions and news.

Do the Rotake Reuseable cups fit underneath the coffee dispenser in a regular coffee machine?

Yes, the cups are similar in size to standard single-use sizes. We haven’t encountered a machine that can’t accommodate these cups.

How are the cups holding heat compared to a regular double walled single-use cup?

The double-walled single-use cups exhibit a marginal advantage in heat retention. Extensive testing across numerous coffee establishments revealed an important observation: when brewing tea with 95-degree hot water, these cups may become warm to the touch. However, they demonstrate performance on par with or superior to single-use cups in other aspects. 

My customers left some cups by mistake at my establishment, what shall I do?

If reusable cups are inadvertently left at your establishment by customers, please set them aside and return them to one of our return points. It is strictly forbidden to wash them internally and use them for resale.

Is it permissible to write on the reusable cups?

Our policy generally discourages writing directly on reusable cups to maintain environmental integrity and ensure food safety standards. However, we understand the need for customization in certain operational or branding contexts. If writing on the cups is essential for your business, please reach out to us. We can offer solutions such as providing washable and food-safe markers specifically designed for use with our cups, aligning with health guidelines and sustainability practices.