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About Rotake Reuseable

How the Rotake Reuseable system works?

With the Rotake Reuseable system, there’s no hassle or cleanup!

All you need to do is:

Order Rotake Reuseable cups online

Visit our webshop to purchase or restock reusable cups. The price includes both the cup and the deposit value.

Charge a deposit for each cup sold

Simply pass the deposit value onto your customers when they order a beverage with a reusable cup. There’s no additional hardware or scanning required.

Promote Rotake return points

Display our complimentary promotional material so your customers can learn how and where to return their reusable cups. There are convenient return points throughout the city.

Relax while we clean up

Once returned, reusable cups are professionally cleaned and undergo strict quality control to ensure the highest standards. Your customers benefit from sustainability and peace of mind.

Sharing a vision for a world without waste

The Rotake Reuseable system stands out as the world’s pioneering open urban space solution for reusable takeaway packaging. This innovative system transcends boundaries, offering compatibility across diverse establishments such as restaurants, cafés, and all food takeaway services, catering to both Aarhus citizens and visitors alike.

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Have questions?
We have answers.

Reusable packaging is still new to the restaurant scene, so it’s natural to have questions. We’ve put together a list of common questions about the Rotake Reuseable system and how to participate.